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About Surface Pro Cleaning – Your Trusted West Palm Beach Carpet Cleaner

Surface Pro Cleaning is a local, family-owned company run by father and son, Doug and Sebastian Mabe. Sebastian’s father, Doug, started cleaning furniture for his grandmother in New Jersey who owned the store since 1992. It wasn’t long before he was cleaning furniture and carpets every weekend. Years later when Doug’s son Sebastian graduated high school and wanted to study business, it was only natural that his father would lean him into the cleaning business. Together they form the backbone of the Surface Pro Cleaning team.

We are different because we do diligent, detail-oriented cleaning and make sure the customer is 100% satisfied after the job is complete. We aren’t like other carpet cleaners where they “splash and dash,” and finish a job as quickly as possible with little pride in a job well done. We clean dirty, so you don’t have to.

Sebastian has expanded the business beyond the finest carpet cleaning in West Palm Beach, to offer South Florida home and business owners a complete solution to all of their surface cleaning and maintenance needs, both indoor and outdoor. Our highly-trained carpet cleaners are also skilled in pressure washing for your exterior surfaces, like driveways, patios, and pool decks, as well as, softwashing for more damage-prone building materials like vinyl siding, and wood fences and decks. Professional carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and upholstery cleaning; along with a full suite of exterior surface cleaning and pressure washing services: Surface Pro Cleaning is the total cleaning package for your Palm Beach business or home, and all with the most personable, friendly service in South Florida.

For our family, this isn’t just a job, this is our livelihood, and we take that commitment very seriously. We hold your satisfaction in high regard, so we ensure our cleaning professionals achieve a high-level of excellence every time, without fail. We will also go the extra mile to gain your business whether it’s carpet, tile and grout, upholstery, or another service, by offering free estimates and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Service Areas For Surface Pro Cleaning

Below is a list of service areas where we provide carpet cleaning services. If you don’t see your area listed below, please give us a call. Our carpet cleaning experts are here to provide you with superb service for your West Palm Beach area home.

Boca, FL

Surface Pro Cleaning: Boca Raton’s Premier In Carpet Cleaning Services

The first significant European settler to the Boca Raton area was Captain Thomas Moore Rickards, who in 1895 built a house made of driftwood. That’s a far cry from the mansions and estates of present-day Boca Raton, and carpet cleaning is far superior to sweeping the dirt floor of a driftwood house, especially when someone else is doing it. We’re Surface Pro Cleaning: specializing in professional tile and grout, upholstery, and carpet cleaning for your home’s interior; and top-rated soft washing and pressure washing for your Boca Raton home, business, or commercial property’s exterior.

Surface Pro Cleaning uses the most technically-advanced equipment and methods to provide Boca Raton with the best pressure washing and carpet cleaning services in the Sunshine State.

With decades of carpet cleaning experience, we know all the tricks of the trade and never met a carpet we couldn’t clean. Of course, not all stains are completely removable, but Surface Pro Cleaning pledges to exhaust every method and technique to get your carpets looking their absolute best.

Boynton Beach, FL

Surface Pro Cleaning: Boynton Beach’s Premier In Carpet Cleaning Services

Boynton Beach’s actual beachfront boasts the shortest distance to the Atlantic Ocean in the 1,900-plus miles of the Eastern Seaboard, and Oceanfront Park Beach is a short 20 minute walk from downtown. The beach is always near, and if it gets too near, it’s good to know that the carpet cleaning experts at Surface Pro Cleaning are at Boynton Beach’s service, with the highest quality, professional tile and grout cleaning, and carpet cleaning to keep Boynton Beach off of your floors.

Boynton Beach is a nature-lovers paradise, but if you want to keep nature off of your floors, furniture, and exterior surfaces, you need the tile and carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and pressure washing experts of Surface Pro Cleaning.

In 1894, two years before Henry Morrison Flagler built his railroad, Nathan Boynton first set eyes on the area that eventually became the city of Boynton Beach, and he was so impressed by the natural beauty, year-round sunshine, and pristine beaches, that he built the famous Boynton Hotel, where he also spent winters with his family.

Now with over 250 acres of beach, natural conservation land, and parks; twenty-eight developed public green spaces, including five scenic parks on the Intracoastal Waterway, we’re sure that Nathan Boynton would be proud of the natural beauty of present-day Boynton Beach. And pride is what you’ll feel after our eco-friendly tile and carpet cleaning for your interiors; and our detailed, professional pressure washing and soft washing for your exteriors transforms your Boynton Beach property into a local real estate showpiece.

Delray Beach, FL

Surface Pro Cleaning: Delray Beach’s Premier In Carpet Cleaning Services

In 2012, Rand McNally’s “Best of the Road” named Delray Beach America’s Most Fun Small Town, and Delray Beach was rated as the 3rd Happiest Seaside Town in America by Coastal Living in 2015. “Fun” and “Happy” may not be words that immediately come to mind when you’re thinking about carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, or pressure washing, but they can be, when you trust Surface Pro Cleaning with the cleaning and maintenance of your Delray Beach interior and exterior surfaces. We clean dirty, so you don’t have to.

Nicknamed “Village By The Sea,” Delray Beach was originally named the Town of Linton, but the name was changed to “Delray” following hardship brought on by crop loss that caused the town’s namesake, William Linton, to default on his land payments. Famous in the 1920’s as an artists retreat, and again in the 1960’s as a primo surfing destination, today’s Delray Beach is a cultural hub city with a beachy, artsy vibe, and a vibrant nightlife.

Delray Beach is a unique, one-of-a kind community, and Surface Pro Cleaning is uniquely qualified to provide interior cleaning services with nearly three decades of carpet cleaning success. We also provide top-rated professional pressure washing services, offer free estimates, we’re certified through the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) in COVID 19 disinfectant and sterilization practices, and we guarantee your that you are 100% satisfied with every job.

Home, property, and business owners agree that Surface Pro Cleaning is the king of carpet cleaning in Delray Beach, with legendary customer service and reliable solutions for the cleaning and maintenance of every surface on your Delray property.

Jupiter, FL

Jupiter’s Leader in Carpet Cleaning Services

Jupiter was rated as the 12th Best Beach Town in the United States by WalletHub in 2018, and as the 9th Happiest Seaside Town in the US by Coastal Living in 2012, and Jupiter continues to be one of the greatest places on earth to live. Surface Pro Cleaning makes your Jupiter life easier and happier with carpet cleaning, and residential and commercial pressure washing that removes worries and replaces them with pride of ownership.

It’s no wonder that Jupiter and Jupiter Beach property values are high and constantly on the rise, and it’s a celestially wise decision to boost your curb appeal with an exterior upgrade courtesy of our pressure washing specialists. And why trust another company with your Jupiter home or business’s interior cleaning, when Surface Pro Cleaning has decades-long experience and a list of satisfied carpet cleaning customers as long as the tail of a comet. For the zenith of quality and value in carpet cleaning and pressure washing, you can trust our experienced technicians to produce heavenly results.

Surface Pro Cleaning, Jupiter’s leading carpet cleaning company, runs rings around the nearest competitor.

Lake Worth, FL

Surface Pro Cleaning: Lake Worth’s Premier In Carpet Cleaning Services

You can restore the look of your Lake Worth home with our expert carpet cleaning and pressure washing services. We pride ourselves on superior service for a deep clean on the surface of your exterior and down to the core of your carpet.

Surface Pro Cleaning has a spotless record for delivering spotless cleanings, and we look forward to working for you. You should be able to feel healthy and safe in your home, and that’s something we can provide for you.

Plus, your Lake Worth home should have all the curb appeal it had the very first time you saw it, and that’s something we’ll be happy to restore. Get in touch with us right now, and let’s schedule your appointment for service.

Carpet Cleaning For A Healthier Lake Worth Household

The thing about professional carpet cleaning is you don’t realize how much you need it until after it’s done. Then, all you can do is wonder why you waited so long.

Once we’ve completed carpet cleaning for your Lake Worth home, you’ll appreciate the advantages of our service:

  • Better smelling home
  • Longer lasting carpet
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Healthier environment
  • Eliminate stains
  • Eradicate bacteria

No matter how often you dust, or vacuum, or how clean you think your household is – think again. If you’re not scheduling regular carpet cleaning, the real dirt is still lingering in your home all the way down to your carpet fibers. Contact Surface Pro Cleaning right now so we can get you the deep cleaning you need for your flooring.

Lake Worth Pressure Washing Experts Restoring Your Exterior Sparkle & Shine

Pressure washing is an effective way to restore the beauty of your home without the hassle or cost of remodeling or even painting. We use the latest in exterior cleaning technology to get your home the cleanest it’s ever been.

Regular power washing for the outside of your home is important to get rid of:

  • Dirt and Mud
  • Pollen and Other Allergens
  • Fungus and Algae
  • Pest Droppings
  • Bacteria and Germs

Keeping a sparkling clean exterior improves the curb appeal, increases the value, and prevents outside contaminants from coming inside your home. If you want a clean and healthy indoor household, it starts on the outside.

We’re more than eager to accommodate your requests by providing personalized cleaning for you. Make the call to us today so we can schedule pressure washing for your Lake Worth as soon as possible.

Lantana, FL

Lantana’s Leader in Carpet Cleaning Services

We encourage you to do the research, read our testimonials and reviews, check out our photo gallery, and watch us in action, and you’ll see why we’re the highest-rated carpet cleaning team in Lantana. We’re a customer-driven company that tailors its services to our clients’ needs and is always ready to step up and take on new challenges when requested. Let Surface Pro Cleaning tailor an exterior and interior cleaning and maintenance plan to keep your Lantana property looking its best for longer.

It was customer requests that led us to expand our carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning business into exterior cleaning. And now Lantana residents and business owners have a trustworthy exterior and interior cleaning provider for pressure washing and soft washing services for every exterior surface on your property. From carpet cleaning to house washing, from upholstery cleaning to concrete cleaning, when the surfaces inside and outside your Lantana home or business need a quick face-lift or a little sprucing-up, Surface Pro Cleaning is the local leader providing top-rated service at affordable pricing.

Surface Pro Cleaning is Lantana’s leading pressure washing and carpet cleaning company, with the 5-star reviews to prove it.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Your Local Carpet Cleaning Company in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Palm Beach Gardens has 3 nicknames: The Gardens, PBG, The Golf Capital of the World; and 2 mottos: “A Signature City” and “A Unique Place to Live, Learn, Work, and Play”, but there’s only one name you need to know for all of your Palm Beach Gardens interior and exterior cleaning needs, including: carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning for your interior spaces; and pressure washing and soft washing for your exterior surfaces. Surface Pro Cleaning is the name to trust, with a long history of satisfied customers and decades of carpet cleaning experience.

We do an impeccable job cleaning and restoring the interior spaces of your Palm Beach Gardens homes and businesses with our 5-star carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, and upholstery cleaning, leaving your floors and furniture smelling fresh, feeling plush, and looking like a million bucks. And we bring the same diligent work ethic, customer-focused service, and obsession for perfection that has made us a the leading carpet cleaners in Palm Beach Gardens; to our residential and commercial exterior cleaning services, with high psi professional pressure washing for harder surfaces and low psi, chemically-assisted soft washing for less-stable surfaces like roof shingles, gutters, wood decks, and wood and vinyl siding.

There are so many beautiful sights to see around Palm Beach Gardens, make sure your property is one of them with professional pressure washing by Surface Pro Cleaning.

Palm Beach, FL

Your Local Carpet Cleaning Company in Palm Beach, FL

Home to beautiful, tranquil beaches and billionaires and celebrities, Palm Beach is an opulent island paradise and a laid-back beach town all in one. Surface Pro Cleaning is your all-in-one solution to cleaning and preserving your Palm Beach property inside and out, with comprehensive cleaning services ranging from upholstery and carpet cleaning to pressure washing and commercial cleaning. From mansions to condos, we’ve got the complete solution for Palm Beach property owners who need a reliable, professional carpet cleaning and pressure washing provider with local roots.

Professional pressure washing and carpet cleaning by Surface Pro Cleaners keeps Palm Beach’s mansions, condos, and beach houses looking Palm Beach perfect, inside and out.

Settlers began arriving in modern-day Palm Beach as early as 1872, and Palm Beach’s first hotel, the Cocoanut Grove House, first opened in 1880, but it was Standard Oil tycoon and Florida legend Henry Flagler who was the mastermind behind transforming the island of jungles and swamps into a winter resort for the rich and famous of the Gilded Age. Palm Beach has a storied history of many famous residents during the Gilded Age, through the years, and in the present. In addition to expert carpet cleaning for all carpets, red or otherwise, Surface Pro Cleaning is proud to offer the area’s finest soft washing service with chemically-assisted low-pressure and no-pressure washing providing extra TLC and VIP treatment for gilded, gold-plated, or damage-prone surfaces.

Royal Palm Beach, FL

Your Local Carpet Cleaning Company in Royal Palm Beach, FL

Royal Palm Beach is known for its many parks and the community’s general mission to protect green space, as evidenced by the recent efforts to create a master central park and the development of 25 acres preserved into a passive bird watching and nature park. When nature gets tracked inside and onto your floor, or birds actively poop on your driveway, remember that Surface Pro Cleaning is the local authority on both carpet cleaning and tile and grout cleaning, plus we’re the top rated pressure washing and soft washing providers in Royal Palm Beach, and all of Palm Beach county.

Despite its name, the village of Royal Palm Beach is located about fifteen miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean, but the attitude is beach-centric with large populations of Cuban and Jamaican residents adding diverse island flavor to Royal Palm Beach life. At Surface Pro Cleaning, we want to help make your life as beachy and care-free as possible: we clean dirty so you don’t have to, and since our carpet cleaning expertise spans decades and we’ve encountered every type of carpet cleaning catastrophe, so we’re confident in guaranteeing your 100% satisfaction on every job.

Incorporated in 1959, Royal Palm Beach has grown from a primarily uninhabited swamp, natural preserve, and former Seminole hunting ground into a thriving village of over 40,000 proud, happy residents. Surface Pro Cleaning is dedicated to keeping locals proud of their home interiors and exteriors with the highest quality professional carpet cleaning and pressure washing services with results and pricing that will make you happy.

Let Surface Pro Cleaners give your home the royal treatment, our carpet cleaning specialists will make your Royal Palm Beach carpets look regal, feel luxurious, and smell like heaven.

Wellington, FL

Wellington’s Leader in Carpet Cleaning Services

Wellington was named one of Money Magazine’s “Top 100” Best Places to Live in both 2019 and 2010, and Wellington’s property values are on the rise again. A comprehensive interior and exterior surface maintenance plan, including professional carpet cleaning and pressure washing, is a painless, cost-effective way to keep your property values rising along with the Village of Wellington’s.

Wellington is one of the most successfully crafted communities in Palm Beach County and is known for its abundant parks, quality schools, equestrian interests, and attractive neighborhoods. Surface Pro Cleaning is making those attractive Wellington neighborhoods even foxier with top-rated carpet cleaning and pressure washing services at affordable prices. Our singular mission is to provide the highest level of interior and exterior surface cleaning services with a rate of 100% customer satisfaction, and we don’t clock-out until we exceed your expectations.

Surface Pro Cleaning: we clean dirty with the highest-rated carpet cleaning and pressure washing services in Wellington and the surrounding area.

West Palm Beach, FL

Surface Pro Cleaning: West Palm Beach’s Premier In Carpet Cleaning Services

West Palm Beach, or WPB, is the oldest incorporated municipality in the south Florida area, having been incorporated as a city in 1894, two years before Miami. In that century and a quarter, the Mabe family, owners of Surface Pro Cleaning, have served the West Palm Beach area for three decades with honest, reliable, affordable carpet cleaning services. Our carpet cleaning business has grown along with the West Palm Beach community to become an all-in-one cleaning solution for local home and business owners.

Over the years, our growing roster of satisfied customers expressed to us their desire for our high standards of top-quality work and unbeatable customer service in other applications beyond carpet cleaning. So we began providing upholstery cleaning, which led to tile and grout cleaning, and then we moved outside, with a complete suite of exterior surface cleaning services featuring professional pressure washing and low-pressure, and no-pressure soft washing.

Surface Pro Cleaning is not only West Palm Beach’s top choice for carpet and upholstery cleaning, we’re also an equally affordable and reliable complete solution for cleaning and care of your exterior surfaces too.

Surface Pro Cleaning is certified through the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) in all surface cleaning applications, including COVID 19 disinfectant and sterilization, and our prices make it affordable to keep the inside and outside of your West Palm Beach home or business fresh, clean, and at the pinnacle of its visual appearance.

Frequently Asked Carpet Cleaning Questions – Answered By Surface Pro Cleaning

If you’ve got questions about exterior, interior, or carpet cleaning in West Palm Beach, you’ve come to the right place. We’re the local experts on soft washing and pressure washing, upholstery cleaning, and carpet cleaning, and we’re always happy to answer your questions. So if you’ve got a carpet cleaning, or any type of interior or exterior cleaning question, please give us a call and ask away, we’re here to help.

How do I remove pet stains? Can You Get The Stains Out?

Yes, we can! We’ve removed stains caused by every pet you can imagine and our carpet cleaning experts are highly trained in the specific treatments to most-effectively remove every stain imaginable. We’ll leave your carpets looking, feeling, and smelling like brand new.

How to clean upholstery. Is it safe?

Well, “safe” is a subjective term meaning different things to different people. If you mean will you live through the experience, then the answer is yes, probably so. But if you mean will you achieve the results that you want, then the answer is: extremely doubtful. It’s best not to take that risk, and why would you when Surface Pro Cleaning offers affordable, reliable, quick, convenient upholstery cleaning with a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

What's The Difference Between Soft Wash And Pressure Wash?

Pressure washing employs the natural cleaning power of water launched at a target surface at extremely high pressure and is best for harder surfaces like concrete, stone, and asphalt. Soft washing incorporates the use of cleaning solutions and chemicals with low-pressure and no-pressure washing for spectacular results on less-hardy materials like shingles, vinyl siding, and wood decks and fences. Soft washing is especially useful in roof and house washing.

Do You Work With Commercial Clients?

Yes. From commercial pressure washing for your sidewalks, storefronts, buildings, vehicle fleets, and parking lots, to interior cleaning for your carpets, tile floors and walls, and upholstered furniture, we’ve got the equipment, knowledge, and determination for any commercial cleaning project, large or small.

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