Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing can do miracles to the look of your property

Trust Surface Pro Cleaning with all your outside cleaning needs too. Presure washing can literally do miracles to the way the outside of your property looks. We bring the same friendly customer service and perfection-striving attention-to-detail to the outside of your home or office. Florida weather can cause excessive grime, dirt and mold to buildup quickly on all types of outdoor surfaces. Most properties need pressure washing services every six month to a year at the most. Call Surface Pro Cleaning today for a facelift.

Surface Pro Cleaning has technologically-advanced equipment and highly trained, experienced pressure washing technicians to get the job done right. We also provide chemical and solvent-assisted, low pressure and no-pressure soft washing for building materials like vinyl or wood siding that can be easily damaged by standard pressure washing. It was a natural progression for us to expand from our successful carpet cleaning and interior cleaning services to offer exterior surface cleaning and pressure washing services. 

The outside of your West Palm Beach home or business deserves the same TLC and superior customer service as the inside, so call the interior and exterior surface cleaning experts at Surface Pro Cleaning for top quality professional pressure washing you can count on.

Driveway Washing

“Curb appeal” is still important among realtors, home-buyers, and property investors, and your driveway is literally the starting point of your property’s total curb appeal visualization. Stubborn stains, dirt, and discolorations will quickly disappear from your flat exterior surfaces with our pressure washing services. Removal of the following debris that accummulates on  Florda homes and businesses is common:

  • Rust, leaf and vegetation smears
  • Oil and grease spills
  • Roadkill and animal droppings
  • Dye and Bleach discoloration
  • Paint accidents and graffiti

Exterior Washing

Increased curb appeal, the pride of ownership, and rising property values aren’t the only benefits you’ll enjoy with a Surface Pro Cleaning professional exterior washing. Other advantages include:

  • Eradicate Black Mold and Bacteria That Can Adversely Affect Your Health
  • Eliminate Rot-Causing Mildew
  • Destroy Moss and Fungus Growth That Can Damage Your Siding
  • Remove Pollen Build Up That Can Aggravate Allergies
  • Clear Away Bird and Animal Droppings That Can Carry Disease

We’ve earned our spotless reputation in West Palm Beach by completing each job with care, attention to detail, and the highest level of professionalism. Whether you’re a home-owner, landlord, property manager or business owner, exterior washing by Surface Pro Cleaning will make your location look new again and maximize your curb appeal. 

Pool Deck Washing

Concrete is an amazing building material because of its strength, durability, and versatility, but its porous surface allows oil, dirt, and natural organisms to take hold and leave ugly stains and discoloration. For extra protection against slip and fall dangers, most concrete pool decks actually have added texture and porousness, which make them magnets for all kinds of dirt and growth, including algae.

Our process combines pre-treatment with highly effective, biodegradable, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, with expert pressure washing using specialized equipment for a pool deck cleaning one-two punch that’ll leave you truly amazed at the results. The professional pressure washing team at Surface Pro Cleaning will make dirt, stains, spills, and discoloration disappear, leaving pool decks restored to their original luster.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are a necessary structural element of your home that provide an important function, and they’re also a vital element in increasing curb appeal. Backed-up leaves cause stains and streaks on your gutters that can detract from the pristine curb appeal of your Palm Beach home or business. We can flush and clean the inside of your gutters so they perform their function perfectly, and we can also remove stains and discoloration and make the outside of your gutters gleam and glitter like an expensive frame on a piece of priceless art.

Rain gutters play an important part in diverting water, minimizing erosion, and guarding against damage to your home’s solid foundation, but gutter cleaning can be a tedious and dangerous chore. Let us do it! We clean dirty so you don’t have to. With our affordable pricing, it’s cheap and easy to maintain your g form and function with professional gutter cleaning by the soft wash pressure washing experts at Surface Pro Cleaning.

Sidewalk Cleaning

Sidewalks and walkways are inherently at risk for the worst soiling and staining because of their composition and flat surface.  Over time, rain carries dirt, salt, sand and other contaminants onto the concrete. 

Sidewalks, walkways, pavers, and patios are often high foot traffic areas, which in turn makes them dirty looking. You need a professional pressure washer that has heavy-duty equipment, the proper chemicals and solvents as well as the knowledge to use them the right way to achieve the best results. Surface Pro Cleaning has the right tools, techniques, and knowledge to restore your sidewalks, walkways, and pavers to polished perfection.

Storefront Cleaning

In today’s competitive business market, where sanitation, and disinfection practices have become prerequisites for many potential customers to even enter the building, regularly-scheduled, storefront cleaning is more important than ever. People will judge your shop, office, or store before they even enter it, by the cleanliness of your storefront.

Successful entrepreneurs know that image is everything when promoting your brand, and nothing sells your image like a positive first impression on approaching your storefront. A sparklingly-clean storefront is a necessity to bring in new customers. Surface Pro Cleaning will help keep your location looking its best!

Concrete Cleaning

Often driveway, walkway, and concrete cleaning are an afterthought to the bigger picture of your roof and front facing walls, but they’re all important factors in your total curb appeal picture. Concrete cleaning is also one of our most effective pressure washing procedures to transform your property.

With chemical options including natural, non-harmful mineral acids, and other eco-friendly soaking and cleaning solutions mixed specifically to destroy and disappear every spill, growth, discoloration, or stain on all of your concrete surfaces. Surface Pro Cleaners is trained and equipped to restore any concrete to the way it looked the day after it was poured.

Commercial Pressure Washing

Professional commercial pressure washing can increase property values and protect us against contaminants in our germ-aware environment. It is also one of the most cost-effective, and quickest ways to increase your curb appeal. 

Surface Pro Cleaning brings our legendary customer service to our commercial pressure washing services, and as always, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, so call us today for a complete exterior surface cleaning and maintenance solution for your home, business or commercial property.

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